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Moyross Residents Alliance
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Regeneration Isn't Going To Work

I AM speaking on behalf of most of the residents across Moyross when I say it is back to the bad old days again.

I am not cutting down Brendan Kenny and the Regeneration Board, but it's not going to work not with all these drug dealers intimidating people. We might get lovely houses and the rest but I myself would prefer to live in a tent.

We have reared our kids the best we could but there are a lot of parents who could not care less.

I have witnessed it myself with decent teenagers being roped in by these gangs. I don't think any of these gangsters ever worked, but they are driving around here in up-to-date jeeps and cars and have bought houses in Moyross.

If we did not pay our rent, or our TV licence, we would be issued with summonses or jailed.

There have been some sickening events here over the past number of months with petrol bombings of houses, assaults.

The problem is that these gang leaders are getting young people to carry out these sickening deeds for the big boys, as they call themselves.

They are as low as you can get. How the hell can their kids ever grow up and have a normal life? The scum are breeding their own into all sorts of violence.

These thugs, despite having things done for them by the Regeneration staff, have threatened the same staff. Numerous families are being forced out of their homes by these thugs who are destroying houses worth millions of euro.

If Regeneration is to work these thugs have to be sorted out.

Limerick Leader
- Published Date: 20 April 2009