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Southill Regeneration Watch

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There is no independent residents' group in Southill.
While there are individual members of Limerick Regeneration Watch, there are none, as of yet, that will to take on a more public role.

The Southside Regeneration Agency established a residents' forum, which is represented on the Southside Regeneration Committee by local forum 'reps'.

One such 'rep' informed Limerick Regeneration Watch that forum meetings are tightly controlled and steered by the Regeneration Agency and that forum meetings are farcical and pointless, with residents' concerns are never properly addressed. They have no constitution and have never attempted to correspond with officials or other agencies.

Other members have contacted us expressing their frustrations with the forum: "we're wasting our breath going to meetings".

If you would like us to help you establish an independent residents' group that will campaign for a Community Agenda then contact us today.

In the meantime, Limerick Regeneration Watch will continue to meet with individual members and respect their privacy.