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Moyross Residents Alliance - Press Release
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June 24th, 2011

Chairperson of the MRA, Mr Tommy Daly was down at the signing of the contracts today for the building of Cliona Park in Watch House Cross the Regeneration offices which he was informed would be on at 2:30 but was brought forward to 11:30? Wonder Why?

Mr Daly can now tell the people of Moyross, from speaking to engineers representing Clancy's Builders, that the ground work will commence after the builders holidays first Tuesday of August.

Also Mr Daly would like to congratulate Clancy's Builders for getting this contract, Mr Daly stated to the people representing Clancy's on this memorious day, which is one of the biggest days in the history of Limerick, that the MRA looks forward to working with them and will help them any way we can.

Mr Daly and the people of Moyross cannot understand why it was all done behind closed doors.

"It was disgraceful in the way it was handled by Mr. Kenny and company after all it is our futures that are at steak in this Regeneration process. And again our own people on Mr. Kenny's forum have left the people down, everyone in the Regeneration area's should have been invited and have a public meeting and that people could ask questions again Mr. Kenny the people of Moyross can not believe you have done that, but it calls in again to question your leadership and your family and people working with you on your agency from Dublin, but maybe we just have to put up with it a bit longer as your contract expires shortly and maybe we can get Limerick people on the Regeneration agency board headed by Paul Foley. So the best of luck to us here in Moyross and all the Regeneration areas as god only knows we need it." said Mr. Daly.