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21/06/12: Moyross Residents Alliance - Press Release
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During a meeting with Thomas O'Kelly of O'Kelly Bros Demolition, the Chairperson of the Moyross Residents’ Alliance, Tom Daly, brought up the concerns the community have with the company's work.

Mr. Daly wanted to know why during the last week there were no banksmen guiding trucks and why there were no warning signs or barriers erected during the second day of demolition. Mr. Kelly replied that their “safety record is one of the best around,” but Mr. Daly told him he was wrong as his own child was nearly run over by a cement mixer truck.

There were no personnel around to guide this truck or the other machinery being used. After all it's about the health and safety of the people who live here as we have already had enough near misses in Delmege Park.” said Mr. Daly.

"There was no personnel around to guide this truck or other machinery. After all its about the health and safety of peoples live as we had enough near misses in Delmege Park. We have advised the people to watch their kids when demolition is going on with this company, we also recorded video clips of health and safety rules being deliberately broken, there are also pictures of same." (which can be seen on

Mr. O’Kelly was also asked why he was not employing people from the regeneration areas. He answered by saying that he had an obligation to the people who were already working for him.

He could have at least hired one or two from within the regeneration areas. Tinnelly’s Demolition had a crew of between seven and ten which Mr. Tinnelly brought from Northern Ireland, but fair play to him, he created employment for another twelve people from within the regeneration areas, Smith's Demolition also gave some work to the people of the regeneration areas.” concluded Mr. Daly.