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Moyross Residents Alliance - Press Release
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At our monthly meeting with the MRA committee today, meeting with home owners and tenants, we would like to thank the following government ministers who acceded to our urgent request. Our request for the demolition of derelict houses. The following are: Willie Penrose TD Minister for housing and planning, Alan Shatter Minister for Justice and Law Equality, Jan O Sullivan Minister for Trade and Development. We are also in receipt of official letters from the above involving the building of our new houses.

As the people now can see the regeneration of Moyross and other areas is going forward especially given the green light to commence the building in Cliona Park. This is the first of 26 construction projects spread over the regeneration areas costing 337 million that hopefully will now be built over the next four and a half years.

"We would like to quote Mr Kenny's statement 'the majority of the families of Moyross and other regeneration areas have stayed in the city, while a small number have moved to rural areas of Limerick and Clare'. We find this offensive as we have a good number of tenants and home owners who were refused to move into rural areas. These tenants and home owners were law abiding and hard working citizens." said MRA Vice Chairperson Tom Baker.

When Chairperson Tom Daly questioned Mr. Kenny in Corpus Christi Church he asked him about the prices that he quoted onto one home owner for his house. The price the home owner was offered was €75,000 by Mr. Paul Foley (former Northside Director of Regeneration) but when the home owner came out of hospital 2 weeks later Mr. Kenny offered the home owner €30,000 and said what do you expect for your dwelling your living in a " mini Baghdad ".

"We find this very insulting as at least when we are dealing with City Council we are getting straight answers and not lies as we have found Mr. Kenny out in many of his lies even on National radio. We also have to question Chairperson of their so called forum Ms. Bond as she said on National TV"she represents all the people in Moyross” which is crazy said Mr. Daly. He or the committee of the MRA and its residents never heard of Ms. Bond. So it’s about time Mr. Kenny got his act together and start working with the people in Moyross and especially the Moyross Residents Alliance who is working hand in hand with Limerick City Council and Michael Kelly of Northside Regeneration Agency in taking Regeneration process forward." said MRA Chairperson Tommy Daly