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A Brief History of Southill

Southill (Cnoc an Deiscirt as Gaeilge) is an area in the south of Limerick City, consisting of four residential parks. The housing estates are O’Malley Park, Keyes Park, Kincora Park and Carew Park.

Keyes Park, Kincora Park and O’Malley Park were all completed between 1968 and 1972. By then, Southill was the largest Council estate in the city, with 1,201 houses containing 6,500 residents.

Unemployment rates in the area as of 2003 were at four times the national average, with formal education in adults in Southill only at 50%. A report from 1982 showed two-thirds of Southill's population were under the age of 18, with ninety-four percent having left school at the age of 16. Several reports done since the initial report in 1982 have shown similar trends. In the media, Southill is known for its crime rate and anti-social behaviour, although the majority of people living there are decent and law abiding.

In 2005, it was announced that Southill was to get a €28 Million revamp. Two years of 'consultation' took place. With the publication of the Fitzgerald Report in 2007, the revamp was canceled in favour of demolition and redevelopment, or in other words, regeneration.

Originally Kincora Park and Carew Park were to be refurbished, but when the 'Master' Plans were unveiled it was announced that they would also be demolished.

In October 2008, plans for regeneration of Moyross, Southill, St. Mary's Park and Ballinacurra Weston were presented to Limerick City Council. The plan for Southill is to provide 3,000 new homes. "Of these, approximately 800 are considered to be replacement homes for existing residents, with the remainder to be sold on the open market".