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Views & Opinions of St. Mary's Park Residents

Here we invite St. Mary's Park residents to submit their views and opinions of the regeneration plans and whether they feel that things have gotten better or worse since the establishment of the Regeneration Agency.

Please e-mail your views with full name, address and contact details (for verification) to

Limerick Regeneration Watch will not publish your name and address if requested not to.

In November 2007, inspired by the Weston Gardens Residents' Assocciation's open letter to Regeneration CEO Brendan Kenny, a united group of Community and Voluntary organisations wrote an open letter to the City Manager . The letter was also signed by TD's and councillors.

In early 2008 the Northside Regeneration Agency officially took over the development of plans for the area.

How far have those organisations and representatives moved from their original position? Click the link below to find out.

Open Letter to City Manager Tom Mackey