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Weston Gardens Residents Association
The 2008 'Master' Plan for Ballinacurra Weston

Click here for the 2013 Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan

A Selection of images from the 2008 'Master' plan. Click on an image to enlarge. Some images have been enhanced so that text can be read.
Physical Regeneration - Southil / Ballinacurrra Weston (2.1MB)

Throughout the 'Master' Plan for Ballinacurra Weston it states:
" NB It is important to note that the area proposed for regeneration in Ballinacurra Weston consist of the housing estates of Clarina, Crecora, Beechgrove, Lenihan Avenue (part of), Byrne Avenue, Hyde Ave/Road (part of) and Weston Gardens. It does not include Punches Close, Hayden Villas, Weston Terrace, Rosbrien Terrace/Road, Ryans Cottages or Donnellan's Buildings or the ESB site."

This is because all of the areas mentioned are within the legal remit of the Southside Regeneration Agency but not all are currently targeted for regeneration.

Estimated Cost of Regeneration:

Because Southill & Ballinacurra Weston have been lumped together in the 'Master' Plans there are no figures specifically available for the regeneration of Ballinacurra Weston. The estimated cost of regenerating both areas is as follows:

Public Sector Investment
€647.5 million
Private Sector Investment
€506.7 million
€1154.2 million

Estimates for the proposed future use of the ESB site and Rosbrien Road are not included in the above figures.

Extract from the 'Master' Plan for Ballinacurra Weston:

In Ballinacurra Weston, up to 350 new homes are to be provided, of which approximately 300 will replace existing homes. There are also a number of sheltered or retirement housing units proposed in Southill, and in Ballinacurra Weston.

In Ballinacurra, 5,000 sqm of new community uses are provided, including just over 1,000 sqm of local retail/ employment uses.

Development in Ballinacurra Weston is much more constrained by the site conditions, existing routes, phasing requirements, and topography, and rather than test a 'generic' block, indicative layouts were provided for a number of selected blocks. These are shown opposite (click here to view). The majority of new housing provided in Ballinacurra Weston is replacement housing, with all housing to be demolished and replaced on a phased basis.

This includes Lenihan and Byrne Avenue. Up to 325 replacement homes, and a number of sheltered housing units are provided. Approximately 200 of these new homes are replacement housing, which follows the same principles as the generic Block C explored previously. Densities, site coverage, and percentages of public open space will be similar. In some locations along Rosbrien Road (near the community centre) or the new east-west community spine, building typologies will be more similar to the generic block B, described in the following pages, with apartment or town house typologies forming strong frontages and enclosure to these routes, and providing some mixed use at ground floor level. 54 of these units are provided, with 80% (43) of these units provided as three bedroomed homes.

The western-most development block provides continuous frontage along the Rosbrien Road (near the community centre) and the new east-west route, with a corner landmark building defining the entrance to the site. Built typologies along this edge are typically three storey terraced houses, with a four or five storey development to the corner. The overall scale of the residential units, as they travel northwards along Rosbrien Road has to contend with the notable level differences between road level and site. Such consideration should look at innovative solutions, such as entry at first-floor level, in order to achieve a consistent overall urban form.

The development of this block should also consider its relationship with the existing residential development to the northern edge and the possibility of future development of the ESB site. The indicative block layout proposes an access road which can be developed to provide future connection through the ESB lands and the development of the remaining portion of the block. Again, the level difference with the ESB lands will need to be considered.

The central block defines the northern edge of the new road that connects Rosbrien Road and Byrne Avenue. It should provide strong and continuous frontage to the route, and accommodate some active uses such as local retail, the Credit Union, enterprise units etc, at ground floor. This block will be one of the later blocks to be built, and it butts against the boundaries of Weston Gardens.

The North-west edge of the block has to contend with a steep embankment and the boundary edge of the ESB lands. The overall block design makes allowance for the future development of these lands to the north and how it can stitch into the proposed fabric.

Towards the north and north-east, development provides new frontages to Hyde and Byrne Avenues, with a general principle of creating continuous forms to these main routes. The interiors of the blocks are based on a cluster pattern of two storey residential units organised around a defined public open space with car parking accommodated in the front area of these houses. The cluster is organised around a shared surface where pedestrians have priority over cars, and landscaped areas provide informal play spaces for children.

Typically residential units are two storey, with front gardens, and three storey elements located at corners, at the junctions of key routes and open spaces, and defining the entrance points to clusters. The proposed open space located at the junction of Byrne Avenue and the proposed new route offers a good opportunity for the creation of a defined residential square or gardens. The overlooking edges to the north and west will greatly influence the quality of this space and work to define the study area as a whole.

Three development blocks have been shown dotted on the drawing opposite (click here to view) , and this indicates the possible extension of the urban structure, and the block layout, if the ESB lands ever become available for redevelopment. The development capacity of these sites has not been included in the calculation of housing figures.

To view the complete 'Master' Plans,"Limerick Regeneration: A Vision For Moyross, Southill & Ballinacurra Weston and St. Mary's Park" click here